Lookout / Random Walk / Deal Damage


This example is for a monster which random walks the area and attacks a hero (if it finds one).

First, it checks if it has a target already.

If not

  • Perform a Random Walk.
  • Lookout for a hero (alignment > 0) to attack. In this example we do not use the return value as we check again if we have a target in the next game tick. Remember that the Lookout node automatically sets the target if it finds a fitting character.

If yes

  • Untarget the target if the distance is too great (here a distance of 3 tiles)

If un-target returns a failure, we still have a target (i.e. we did not un-target it):

  • Close In to the target, to a distance of one (melee weapon).

If close in returns success, meaning we are next to the target