Intended for NPCs.

This node looks out for other characters to make it the target for an action. For example a monster may look for something to attack, a healer may look out for somebody to heal.

If the node successfully finds a character it will make the character the target, meaning that nodes which work on a target, like Close In, Deal Damage or Heal, will target that character.

You can use Untarget to un-target it again.


  • State. You can select if the node looks out for a Normal (i.e. active / alive character) or a Killed one (for example to resurrect it).
  • Expression. A numerical expression which checks the potential target character (i.e. this expression is run on the potential target!). For example a monster could check the alignment: alignment > 0.
  • Max Distance. The maximum distance to look out for characters.


  • Success. If a fitting character has been found and is our new target.
  • Failure. If no character has been found.

See also

Untarget, Has Target ?, Example